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We’re providing end-to-end custom software solutions for clinical research and pharmaceutical industries, helping you contribute to people’s overall quality of life.


Complement your IT team in existing projects

As your projects grow, finding, hiring, training and managing your IT staff can be a hassle. That is why the possibility of utilizing an outside team dedicated only to IT ensures that every person who works on your project is an experienced professional capable of addressing a wide range of issues.

We have 10+ years of experience in working with healthcare companies, therefore we deeply understand the process and the requirements of your business.

By working with us you will gain knowledge and experience that isn’t always available in-house while paying just for what you need, when you need it.

With Digital Service Design we are bringing together designers and business specialists to analyze and improve the whole customer experience.

Our Digital Service Design process is compiled in three key activities:

  • Prototype
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Product Development

Service Design & Engineering


We’ll take your project idea and create the first version of it. It will look and feel as if you are interacting with the final product, helping you visualize it before investing more money in software development.

The end results is a clickable wireframe and mockup, UX optimized and ready to be tested with end users.

You’ll be able to determine product-market fit and make adjustments with minimum cost.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

This is the next logical step, after getting a prototype and user approval.

The end result of this stage is an product with sufficient amount of features to satisfy early adopters.

It includes the most important features that can help you confirm your hypothesis and ensure the medical product is accepted by the market.

Product Development

Once the product has passed early market tests, we will work together to develop  additional features and add improvements to its version 1.0.

The main area of interest is to expand the medical product in order to capture the maximum potential opportunity in the market.


Medical Software Development

Our team works to support your fast growing medical organization operations as efficient as possible, so that you can focus on core business.

We can gel into your team with extra knowledge, skills and manpower in order to accelerate your Go to Market with new versions of products and services. Our experts are able to:

  • Design and refine your software architecture
  • Develop and optimize your IT strategies
  • Build and implement custom software solutions
  • Improve your existing enterprise systems for better results

Managing and ensuring product quality is one of the most important  challenges for healthcare companies. Our professional quality assurance and software testing services, refined over more than a decade, can help you ensure the highest quality of our deliverables.

By working with us you’ll be certain that the software:

  • Meets end-user needs
  • Is stable and secure
  • Always performs at the highest standard

Quality Assurance


Medical Systems Integration

While your company was growing partnerships with 3rd parties software solutions are critical to day to day activities. That means that these complex solutions need to be integrated in order to communicate with one another and with your clients and suppliers.

Our team of system integrators are able to manage the complexity driven from those technology changes. Furthermore providing compliance with different medical standards is something that we are good at.

We can assist you in systems development, platform and solution integration and program management.

We have extensive know-how on Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and Risk Management for medical devices. Our team is involved in documentation and compliance with different medical standards, regulations and frameworks.

Medical Compliance & Risk Management

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