Performance Analytics for Medical Equipment

Business challenge

Our customer was a medical manufacturer who wanted to monitor equipment performance and offer software updates and support to their end users.

Their main challenge was to make sense of  user’s behavior in the software and get  insights in order to improve usability and functions of their products. The software is spread worldwide on different hardware and software versions.

Our solution

We have created a platform that collects, stores and runs analytics for log messages generated by the medical equipment.

The project’s difficulty came from the unstructured data, that in some cases did not include enough information.

The first step was to convert the unstructured log messages in enriched structured messages. The delivered solution was a simple, scalable, stable, real-time visual platform capable of running powerful analytics based on the collected data.



Category Health

Date 1 September 2017

Technologies Azure, Docker, Kibana, Logstash, Nginx, Redis

Performance Analytics for Medical Equipment