Orders Delivery Redesign

Business challenge

Order delays were affecting our customers’ business. After our analysis and service re-design the ordering workflow was streamlined and the software UX was radically improved.

Avoiding order delays was difficult for our customers due to long times in getting order information to decision makers.

To speed up the ordering process and to be able to make decisions on the move was a critical need of our customer.

Our solution

After analyzing and understanding holisticly  the customer’s need we were able to propose several solutions. The chosen solution was to improve the process by creating a mobile application with smartwatch support for both technicians and dentists to facilitate the ordering workflow. It’s purpose was also to enable users to take decision on the spot using the smartphone or smartwatch. Also the app is providing a clearer overview on past and on-going orders.

The application connects dentist’s hardware, computers, tablets, mobile phones and smartwatches. The app’s data is exported to a server so that all devices have access to it. The dentist can perform an intraoral scan, arrange the restoration, transfer the data and send the order immediately to the technician.

A notification will be sent instantly to the technician’s smartwatch and mobile phone. He can use his smartwatch to see the order details, call the dentist, send a message, add comments and add the order to his calendar. Moreover, he’s able to accept or reject the order.

The 3D model, restoration files, pictures, and movies are also available on his smartphone. On the other side, the dentist will receive a notification right away when the technician accepts or rejects the order.

Category Health

Date 2 June 2017

Technologies Android, Java, SOAP web services, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Rich Notifications, Gradle, TeamCity, OpenGL, NET Nuget.

Orders Delivery Redesign