Staff Augmentation

Complement your existing team or expand your workforce with a full team of experts. We offer plug and play solutions for subject matter expertise On-site or remote, specific project of permanent we can offer a bespoke solution that suits your needs.


Medical Software Development

In the current competitive market, environment where standards of compliance are higher than ever before new feature delivery is vital. We work to create new software solutions keeping your operations smart and productive, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Medical Systems Integration

We all know how time consuming and challenging it can be to have various systems that do not speak the same “language”. Our experts in system integration can help you to get the most of various systems and software by aligning the data and moving projects ahead.


Service Design & Engineering

Proof of Concept, Prototype or MVP. Innovation is the key to success in Medical Technology. We can help your teams innovate and create the solutions which can be tested and proven to be successful before going into production.


Quality Assurance

Our software testing services have been developed to help you ensure the highest quality of development. With experienced teams and subject matter expertise we can provide high quality testing solutions and reports to help developments of your products.


Medical Compliance & Risk Management

We have extensive know-how on Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and Risk Management for medical devices. Our team is involved in documentation and compliance with different medical standards, regulations and frameworks.

About Rubiktec


We are a team of IT & Business professionals, trained and experienced in helping Medical companies improve people’s lives.

Years on the Market
Projects Completed

Our Vision

Having earned a respected and trustworthy reputation, offering premium end-to-end solutions to our medical clients, backing them in their mission to save lives and nurture health.

Our Mission

We are a responsible company with great focus on improving people’s lives. Our team members make the best use of  latest technologies for delivering health software services.

Medical Quality Assurance 100%
Medical Compliance Documentation 90%
Medical Software Development 100%


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